100% Pure Organic Grapeseed Oil 16oz. Perfect as Skin Moisturizer, Hair care & aromatherapy. Order one now!


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Method of Extraction: Cold Pressed

Botanical Name: Vitis vinifera

Country of Origin: Chile

Place/Country of Packaging: USA 

Cautions: None Known

Shelf Life: 24months 

About Our 100% Pure Grapeseed Oil

Regent Naturals Grapeseed Oil is 100% pure natural oil, cold pressed with no other added ingredients. Contains no chemicals, food grade, hexane free, Organic, non gmo, It’s Vegan and Kosher supplier Certified.

Imported from Chile and Packaged in USA.

Daily Skin Care: This wonderful grapeseed oil works well when formulating skincare creams, lotions and hair products. Helps soothe acne prone skin since it doesn’t lead to skin pore blockage, and perfect for all skin types as it absorbs easily in to the skin.

Works well as a skin toner & moisturizer for your daily skin care regiment.


Massage Therapy: Why is it preferred for massage therapy? Because this particular grapeseed oil is light, has silky texture without being greasy as other oils, and not forgetting its smoothness.

Our oil is unscented and has little to no odor as no other ingredients are added. The oil contains Vitamin E, A as well as K which as are good in boosting immunity and help fight free radicals.

Are you into aromatherapy? If yes, this grapeseed oil that is also classified as carrier oil well help carry essential oils on to your skin. Since it is odorless, the smell or scent of your essential oils will remain intact. It comes with a pump for easy dispensing.


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