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Premium USP Castor Oil 2Oz (60ml) - High quality cold pressed organic castor oil with no added additives, hexane free.It's color is pale yellow to golden yellow.Vegan and Kosher Certified hence guaranteed quality.Comes in a amber glass bottle to help preserve its freshness with an eye dropper for easy dispensing.

Skin Care - This castor oil is of high quality , cold pressed , pure and natural. Perfect as a protective barrier on your skin as it penetrates deep in to your skin, hydrates and even softens it.Great for dry skin, sunburn, use as lip balm, acne, skin scars, stretch marks and also dandruff.

Castor Oil and Your Hair - Known to encourage fast growth of hair, hair treatment, eyelashes and eyebrows. Since its rich in Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acid, it will help encourage hair growth as well as thickening it.Good in hair conditioning and create shine in your hair. Works well for getting rid of hair splits.

Castor Oil for Eyelashes - This Castor carrier oil help to grow long eyelashes within just a couple of weeks.

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