Aroma Diffuser 300ml. Perfect for aromatherapy with 7 Color LED lights.


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Regent Naturals Aroma Diffuser with elegant design offers a safe and even easy way to fill your bedroom, office, living room, bathroom with essential oils of your choice.

All you need is high quality essential oils like our peppermint oil and add 2-3 drops into 300ml water. It is very quiet.


With its amazing design, our aromatherapy diffuser disperses the water molecules enriched with essential oils into the air in the form of fine mist.

Check our video below.

The mist will make your room smell amazing, and even neutralize bad smell coming from the room such as kitchen trash bins.


Our aroma diffuser with bamboo like finishing making it look natural is easy to use with different timer settings. It travel size makes it easy to move or carry around with you when traveling.

Having trouble sleeping, just add our 2-3 drops of lavender oils into 200-300ml of water and place the Aroma diffuser near your bed.

 essential oil diffuser

It holds a maximum 300ml of water. Comes in 7 automated different colors or choose your own and even disable lights like when asleep. Has 3 Time modes 60minutes/120minutes/180 minutes/ON.


Accessories includes easy to use Manual, power adapter and measuring cup.

Why you need this Amazing  Aroma Diffuser;

1. You are tired of insects/bugs. The strong scent of essential oil like from our peppermint oil in the form of fine mist will fill the whole room within minutes hence repelling the insects or bugs.

2. The mist will improve your concentration especially when doing work that requires maximum concentration like studying.

3. The aroma will help in relieving stress, fatigue , and pain.

4. It will purify, and also humidify the air.

5. Are you having trouble falling asleep? Adding a few drops of Lavender oil to this wonderful essential oil will work the magic by filling the whole room with scent that will make you feel so relaxed, and wanting to sleep.

6. Its one of the safest way and economical to diffuse the essential oils.

7. It will neutralize the bad smell/odor in the house like the one from the kitchen trash bin.

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